Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) is an industry association providing services to and representing the interests of 3, 4 and 5 star accommodation providers including, hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, etc.

TAA evolved from the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) Accommodation Division in late 2011.  TAA is an independent division of the AHA with a Canberra based national office and branches in each State and Territory. TAA is a respondent to Federal Industrial Awards and related legislation.

TAA recognises that whilst accommodation hotel properties have common interests with suburban and country hotels, they also have varied and different interests, including domestic and international tourism, conferences, conventions and joint marketing initiatives with State and National Tourism Authorities, etc.

The relationship with AHA is important by allowing TAA to leverage off AHA lobbying, resource support and influence on matters of common interest; e.g. regulatory schemes and workplace relations requirements.

By joining TAA (Vic) your property becomes entitled to the services, support and benefits of the TAA (Vic), TAA National and AHA (Vic).

TAA (Vic) and its antecedent the AHA (Vic) Accommodation Division has over 50 years of success in delivering tangible positive bottom line outcomes to Victoria’s accommodation hotels.